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Imaginative. - 46%

Corimngul, January 9th, 2006

I've never heard the first WWIII record, and I am happily unaware of Mandy Lion's other interferences to the music industry. I don't mind the dark sound of the album or, as far as I know, any of the persons involved.

My problem is spelled Repetition. I really hate it when bands try the absolutely easiest way. Maybe I am asking for too much, but there's virtually no need to repeat yourself before you've started writing a new song. The drum beat shifts rarely, and only marginally. Except for Kill the Lord of This World all songs roll by slowly.

Also, most songs have the same dark, muddy guitar sound, and there's not much variation to the riffing or soloing either. This is probably the reason for taking in the cover, which is an improvement both drum- and guitarwise.

To me does all this come across as a rather uninspired attempt of making music, and it only leads me to think of WWIII as another songbird’s enlarge-my-ego-project. This is emphasized by the vocals being high in the mix. Dio does this all right, but the dear Mr. Lion just doesn't. He delivers rather sick proto-growls, which are interesting and impressive. For one song.

He does so on every song though, and don't you think his range lessens the repetitive feeling this album provides. In fact even the lyrics are repetitious. The few times when the choruses stretches over more than one sentence, well then is the second strophe only a copy of the first.

Now enough horseshit has been thrown. This album has a soul too, a dark, depressed and angry soul that lyrics, vocals and production help to establish. Sadly it's condensed into Let the Flesh Rule the World as no other song really tickles my pickle. The remixes are particularly bad.