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One of those amazing debuts... - 95%

cyclone, December 6th, 2004

In the early 80s, when glam and hair metal were starting to bloom, Blackie Lawless (Steven Duren; the local bad boy (he actually got stabbed and went to jail or something) and the former member of New York Dolls) decided to form a band, which will play uncompromising heavy metal with balls like no other. And he really made it. W.A.S.P.'s debut is one of the heaviest records to date and surely has balls and kicks major ass.
And this can't be mistaken with glam or hair metal. Tell me, which glam band had blood, chainsaws, lyrics about torture and such controversy? Not to mention the music... Well? Yeah, thought so...

Blackie's vocals are simply astonishing. He has that special voice tone, which is like it was built for heavy metal. He also sounds very aggressive, which is really essential for this kind of a record. Riffs on here are a fucking wall of sound. Simple, but heavy as fuck, memorable and fun. Think Crüe's Shout At The Devil, only 100 times heavier. Guitar tone is also a killer. Especially on Animal. Solos are nicely done, they have a lot of melody... Drums and bass make a cool rhythm section, but really nothing else, that would be worth mentioning.

The album is really well balanced, so there aren't any bad songs, but there definitely are some great ones, which I have to mention.

Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) is the first song on the remaster... Oh, you're saying, that I have to review the original album? Well, this should by all means be on the first edition of the album, but the record company rejected it, 'cause it was too controversial... Well, never the less, this is amazing. A very memorable crusing first riff, which continues into catchy verses and a cool chorus.
I Wanna Be Somebody is probably the fastest song on the album. It's almost speed metal. Again, great catchy verses and chorus.
L.O.V.E. Machine is a bit softer, it's also probably the closest you'll get to glam on this record.
Hellion and On Your Knees are real anthems. Great, heavy choruses, excellent to sing along to. Concert staples for a long time now, even though Hellion isn't always on the setlist nowadays.
Sleeping (In The Fire) is the only real ballad on the album, but it's really cool. It doesn't get cheesy in any moment of it.

WASP is a great record, hands down. I can listen it for hours and hours and don't get bored of it. It's heavy metal in it's purest form and it's totally essential.