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Top class debut from a top class band - 92%

Sinner, January 7th, 2003

The least you can say about Wasp is the fact that they managed to take the world by storm with their self-titled debut album - with their over the top lyrics, image and stage show coupled with cheer musical excellence...

It's incredible that 19 years later - the album still hasn't lost any of it's initial charm, and the songs still sound as fresh, raw and heavy as they (probably) did when this album first came out. Of course some of the lyrics tend to be a bit cheesy (like said in a review before) - especially "School Daze" and "B.A.D" but this takes nothing away from the enjoyment you get from this album - which is full of metal classics - like "Animal", "I Wanna Be Somebody", "Hellion" or "On Your Knees". Also of special mention is the excellent Rolling Stones cover "Paint It Black" which can be found on the re-master (which is THE version to get btw - just like all wasp re-releases).

This is screaming heavy metal the way that it was originally intended to be - catchy, energetic and a lot of fun - a classic album and the start of an amazing carreer for Lawless & co.