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Stunning, in that very sick, unexplainable way. - 91%

JaniLeeSixx, March 18th, 2003

When I first bought this album, I thought, 'oh good, I've got what I need, and I'll never need to buy another W.A.S.P. album again.' Not surprisingly enough, I was quite wrong.

This is the raw, rude, and nothing short of an amazing debut. With the exception of 'Animal (Fuck like a Beast)' it's actually quite overlooked in favor of a considerably less silly, more socially aware W.A.S.P.

This record is a tribute to the finer things in life - liquor, sex and rock n roll. As it seems, every song on the album (with the exception of 'I wanna be somebody' seems to be about sex. Even the ballad-ish type song, 'Sleeping (in the Fire)'. Also, every song mentions fire, which, the majority of the time, is some cute little metaphor for sex, but this unhealthy obsession with fire has continued throughout their entire career. It isn't done in a terrible, Cannibal Corpse-esque way though, their songs are written in a tasteful way, so that you'll cringe, but you'll keep listening. But some of the songs, unfortunately, will become a bit tiring after 100 + listens.

How something that revolves around such a gruesome (that may be a bit too strong of a word) topic I never would've imagined to have such a large impact on me. But just hearing the riff to 'The Torture Never Stops' makes my heart smile. It's just a good, fun album, with something for any type of listener (although, if you're having a more conservative person listen to it, you should tie them up first.)
I'd like to give it praise for snapping me out of my "WHEE! UNSKINNY BOP!" type of self, (now I don't yell that half as much). Thanks, W.A.S.P.!