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Excellent ! - 84%

Sinner, January 2nd, 2003

A huge improvement over the slightly-above-average "Helldorado". It seems that yet again, Wasp manages to redeem themselves and come up with an album which more or less signals a new breath of life for the band, because both this release and "Dying For The World" certainly rank amongst the bands better works.

Taking more of a "Headless Children" aproach to the lyrics this time around, and coupled with an excellent production, Lawless & Co. deliver an excellent and varied collection of songs. Highlights to be found on here are "Charisma", "Wasted White Boys" (excellent guitar work at the end !!), "Raven Heart" and "Let It Roar" although no song is really "weak". The tension is broken up a little with the ballad "Evermore" and the instrumental "Euphoria" (reminds a bit of Sabbath's "Planet Caravan").

Definitely an album worth getting, and a nice warm-up to their next studio release "Dying For The World", which is even better than this one...