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Unnecessary and rather weak... - 55%

Sinner, January 2nd, 2003

Why the hell Lawless decides to release a new live album so quickly after the excellent "Double Live Assassins" is really beyond me - especially since it has absolutely no redeeming values whatsoever.

The tracklist basically consists mainly out of songs which can already be found on one of the two previous Wasp live albums, save for three tracks of "Helldorado" - it's a single disc, and the production is quite weak and flat. (you can actually hear drop outs in the vocals and guitars occasionally - making this more something of an "official bootleg" than a genuine live album).

Something which can only be considered to be bought if you are a completist and die-hard fan (like me) - but the money is better spend on one of their previous live releases...

(btw, you are best off getting the DvD - this also features a second disc with the complete live show).