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My favourite WASP album - 100%

Shamovilla, February 12th, 2008

This is the best WASP album. You only have to listen carefully all the disc to know what I exactly mean...! Not once, but 10 times or more. All the WASP feeling is here, through the ages and affects to everyone's soul. Just a jewel in the history of heavy metal!

First of all, the lyrics speak about people today. WASP tries to show that we are finding for our personal neon god and when we find him, we can do anything for him cause we believe that he is the one. These lyrics are taken from our daily life and in my opinion are 100 % true. Through this, WASP wants to tell people not doing this because it's not right to deify things or situations. For our good and only.

The guitars here have an incredible rhythm and associate flawlessly with the keys which are plenty here and remind something from the Who's style. The sound is very fresh and emotional. Although the singer's voice is more grating he accomplishes to create many feelings to the listeners. Especially the screaming in the end of the first track can make you crawl!

Many funs were considering that WASP would split up before this disc but they achieve to refresh their sound keeping together all this things that made them popular and famous. In my opinion this is an answer to all who think that WASP haven't something new to present to our music today!