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Awsome! - 96%

BlondieBrainless, June 4th, 2004

This album has more than pleased me. For years die hard WASP fans have been gagging for another slice of Rock Opera WASP. I mean, of course we love the songs about snorting cocaine and how good they can fuck. But we also loved The Crimson Idol.

Though the story is cliched and melodramatic, I think that is an aim of this album in a way. A piece of metal rock opera, with cliched religious references and a typical "blood, drugs and fucked up kids" storyline. But it makes intresting reading, and although many wont follow the albums story while listening, it's nice to sometimes have more to an album than songs about sex and drugs.

It starts off with the "Oveture", which is an instrumental gear up for the album ahead. Very clever. It's of course, melodramatic, and almost gets you excited for whats ahead. I like this alot. I hope they're playing it on the Tour.

The best songs on there would be:
"Asylum #9", a shockingly powerfull riffed up piece. Holding some classic WASP style catchy chrous, and screaching lyrics.
"Wishing Well", also keeping the whole catchy metal cheese rock element that all made us love WASP in the first place.
"What I'll Never Find", a fantastic classic rock ballad. This is "The Idol", only with more pain in it. I could leave this song on repeat. It's got all the formular for the perfect rock ballad, slow at first, then the guitars kick in after the first chorus, and the repeating of a tear provoking line towards the end. Only this song has meaning.

The downpoints to this album would be the cut corners on some of the sound. "Why Am I Here?" ends and then it sounds as if your CD is skipping when it goes into "Wishing Well". Also though catchy, the chrouses wont have you singing it for days. Theres no "L.O.V.E Machines or Wild Child" style stick in your heads. You wont be strolling down the road singing any of these songs because you cant get the out of your head.

If you like cliched metal, with melodrama, power riffs, pain and anger, with that cheesiness added in, you'll love this. Its a thinking album which you could give a good listen to, it's not background music. I call it thinking music! Blackies vocals are still awsome, he really puts his effort into the singing, it's like acting in a film for him. He's always been a fantastic song writer, and he's obviously a highly intelligent, talented and thoughtful musician. Blackie Lawless will not spend a few hours scribbling out some crap he thinks the fans will be happy with for a while, sing it, record it and throw it out onto the shelves. Cleverly press released and hyped up in the whole cult following WASP have, Blackie has obviously spent time on this masterpiece. Making it a 2 part album is also clever, making sure the next album will be eagerly awaited. And good news for all us WASP fans: this isn't the end!

For those of you as lucky as me to be seeing them on The Neon God Tour will know that WASP have still got "it". I've seen them once on this tour last month and have my tickets to see them again this month.I just find WASP more and more with ever adventurous step they take. Live was excellent, though they leave out the shock rock tactics that brought them their audiences years ago, they still had a good stage show, making sure they werent just out there, singing and coming off. They made sure you had something to go home and tell. Still belting it out as good as he did in the beggining, Blackie is a true dedicated musician. And its the same with this album, with WASP youll always have something to tell after listening to the latest album and of course, theres lots to tell with this one

Cliched and meloramatic? Yes
Cheesey? Yes
Powerful? Yes
Will please most WASP fans old and new? Of course!