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Subpar - 61%

JaniLeeSixx, June 2nd, 2004

I was expecting a whole lot out of this album, which is where I went wrong.

"The Neon God: Part 1" is almost directly a copy of "The Crimson Idol". The story is a bit tweaked in places (instead of being a rock 'n roll messiah, the kid becomes a literal messiah to junkies...big deal. I could do just the same thing by waving tinfoil in front of them.), but it's almost the same.

First comes the instrumental overtures, then the song in which the narrator bitches about how bad his life is...followed by a few more of those. Lyrics start to be reused from Crimson Idol, such as the "love is all I need" bit.

The music follows the same cut out pattern, too...either the typical sounding acoustic guitar ballad, or louder, faster more rockin' songs. But it's just that...they don't sound much different from one another.

There was only one song on this album that really caught my attention, and it was "Red Room of the Rising Sun". It sounds completely different from all the other songs in every way - musically, lyrically and otherwise.

Otherwise, "The Neon God" is completely forgettable. Even speaking as a devoted W.A.S.P. geek, I'm really not impressed. Don't waste your time or money.