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W.A.S.P. - The Last Command - 80%

mentalselfmutilation, July 11th, 2009

This is definitely one of THE Wasp albums for me. I've listened to it for many years, and was the album that really introduced me to the band. This album is surprisingly consistent and shows even more maturity with the band from their debut. While I'll admit some aspects of this album are more on the hard rock/glam side of the band, Blackie Lawless still manages to make a very competent metal album with plenty of heavy riffs and fucking balls to accent it!

Wild Child is half ballad/half ballsy song which introduced me to the band. When I first heard this I did not appreciate it as much as I should, but over the years I realize this song is incredibly deep and definitely a very well written metal semi-ballad song, and incredibly catchy. Very deep and sincere song from a band that often gets lumped into the LA glam party scene.

Many tracks on this album are incredibly memorable. No one whose heard this album a few times in their life can't disagree to not having tracks like "Wild Child" "Blind in Texas" "The Last Command" "Running Wild in the Streets" stuck in their head from time to time.

This album also contains a lot of heavy riffs quite worthy of 1984. I remember first hearing tracks like "Jack Action" "Ballcrusher" "Blind in Texas" etc and just wanting to rock out and bang your head. This band still had the traditional heavy metal sound to them.

This is definitely one of the albums that any true metal head should own. Even if you love black, death,'s impossible not to appreciate what these guys have done. Excellent and focused songwriting, some powerful and memorable tracks, and more balls than most metal produced these days!