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More fucking great WASP - 85%

UltraBoris, January 25th, 2003

Yes, it is official... WASP can do no wrong. This is more excellent 80s heavy metal from the undisputed masters. No one, and I mean no one has such a dead-on sense of melody as these guys.

We start off with the half-ballad half-rocker Wild Child. Whatever it is, it works remarkably well. Then, Ballcrusher is the fastest, most furious song on here, and possibly out of everything that they had on the first 3 albums. Jack Action has that great main riff, that sounds a bit like You've Got Another Thing Coming. That's the great thing about WASP - you can always start to anticipate something really cool coming up in the song, and they never EVER fail to disappoint.

Side B features highlights like Blind in Texas, which is a whole barrel of fun, the excellent ballad Cries in the Night, and then the blitzkrieg of the last three songs... they get faster and faster, from The Last Command to... we're screaming loud, Running Wild in the Streets! Then finally, Sex Farm!

err... Sex Drive! See "Eat Me Alive" for the other example of grossly twisted sexual lyrics that work so fucking well in the context of speed metal... Hell, WASP is the expert at this, with "On Your Knees", "Fuck Like a Beast", etcetcetc.

More classic stuff from this band. Highly recommended!