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Uninspired. Especially compared to the previous. - 47%

TrooperEd, January 4th, 2006

It's official. W.A.S.P. can do some wrong. Unlike the explosion of their debut, this album seems like W.A.S.P. are just enjoying whatever excesses they were expereincing at the time, and merely put out this album as a way to support their current habits, not putting that much thought into the music itself. And when Blackie ran out of song ideas, he stole from whatever he could scrape up.

The two most obvious examples of this here are Jack Action and Blind In Texas. The former is a rippoff of "You've Got Another Thing Comin". Blackie, Glenn Tiption and KK Downing called, "We wrote that song first. Get over it." And this would not be the last time he would pull this stunt either. He would do this again even moreso on "Rebel in the FDG" on Headless Children (though it is one of the better songs on that album, but we aren't talking about that one right now). "Blind In Texas" isn't so much a ripoff, but it does sound like the ending piece to Zeppelin's "How Many More Times" was snuck in as the beginning and the end of the song. Unlike Suck Action however, this is fun to listen too.

Besides the aforementioned "BIT" the only other good songs on here are "Wild Child" and "Sex Drive". Wild Child has a catchy intro lick, and the rest of the song is fun too, but one might find themselves asking the question "What is this, hair metal?" Sex Drive has a cool riff set at the very end, and the rest of it seems like a jacked up KISS number.

The rest? Mediocre. Ballcrusher starts off nice, but then along comes the "bye bye bye Ballcrusher" chorus, which is the most retarded chorus I have ever heard. Widowmaker suffers the same problem. "I'm the Widowmaker, the lord of the wings." Um, what? Fistful Of Diamonds is ok, but in the middle they pause randomly just to hear some guy ramble on about diamonds. If I wanna the music to stop so I could hear about Diamonds, I'd turn off the iPod and watch Diamonds are Forever (007), fool.

Then, The Last Command, Running Wild In The Streets, and Cries In the Night, all just seem to come up short. Blackie has written and would surprisingly go on to & write better ballads than the latter (Sleeping In the Fire & Forever Free). The other two sound like they would be much better if they were sped up some ala Hellion (what's with the lack of Speed metal songs on here anyway? Blackie wrote more ballads that don't add much to his catalogue on here).

One more thing, Chris Holmes can do much better guitar solos than the ones on here. None of them are really all that memorable, the bare exception being Blind In Texas.

In conclusion, ditch this bullshit. Black Lawless once joked that if he wrote better music he wouldn't have to be so over the top in his stage show. Not that there is anything wrong with throwing meat at drunken poseurs who are there just to hear your singles, but I have never heard Blackie make a more honest statement.