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Quite Exciting - 85%

MEGANICK89, August 24th, 2009

After an explosive debut, WASP set out to make their sophmore effort with "The Last Command." Blackie and the boys took what they did right from their debut and made it more focused and polished. It is more mature too, but is has all the nastiness that only Blackie Lawless could deliver.

The album opens with a killer track and one of the tops WASP has ever written. It is a ballad at heart, but it also has the heaviness and catchiness that few ballads could ever achieve. It has strong hook right from the get go and it has an epic feeling to it, even though it is not really an epic song. The song was originally meant for Motley Crue and it is a good thing Blackie kept it for WASP as it is a great opener.

After that, the straight-ahead rockers start with "Ball Crusher" and well, it has a ball crushing riff. The guitars on this record sound very raunchy and sleazy and adds to the effect that WASP created and set them apart from others. "Jack Action" has a neat lead riff from Chris Holmes and is another highlight on the record. Other cuts are just pure fun like "Blind in Texas", which is awesome to party to "Running Wild in the Streets", which is a nice sing-along-song.

There are also a couple other ballad type songs in "Widowmaker" and "Cries in the Night." The former has a doomy riff which leads into Blackie wailing "I'm the Widowmaker." That vocal part is chilling enough to make you tremble with fear. "Cries in the Night" is more of a standard affair and grows quite boring.

Other tracks like "Fistful of Diamonds" and "Sex Drive" bring out what can be considered the glam side of the band. They are fun songs and enjoyable listens, but not really remarkable. The last classic that can be found though is the title track. It has a chorus that is impossible not to sing with and has an awesome driving riff that pounds throughout the whole song and never lets up.

With this album, WASP showed why they were the real deal. With standouts "Wild Child", "Jack Action" and "Widowmaker"; this is a record any WASP fan or pure heavy lover would want. Blackie's wailing vocals, heavy and dirty riffs, Chris Holmes snarling lead guitar, and a brutal assualt on the eardrums makes this a classic.