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Better Than The Other Scam - 85%

OzzyApu, November 16th, 2009

This is more like it; thirty-two tracks spaced out nicely and (almost) covering most of what fans would want to hear from W.A.S.P. (at the time). Compared to the first Best Of The Best, this one’s a good starter pack for fans who want to see what this crazy band is all about. Essentially two and a half hours of material waiting to be heard, but probably sitting in some warehouse somewhere because people can just download these songs or hear them on Youtube.

What this includes is: five tracks from the debut, four tracks from the sophomore, four tracks from the third, four tracks from the fourth, five tracks from the fifth, three tracks from Helldorado, and many B-sides in between.

I’m pissed that they still left out Still Not Black Enough and Kill Fuck Die, which are two of their best. Sad that they left out such great tracks like “Little Death” and “One Tribe,” but for what we get, it’s not that bad, either. This compilation covers much of what W.A.S.P. was known for and transitions nicely from one album to the next. New listeners would do well to hear these or seek them out online – they’ll surely get you interested in checking out the individual albums. The B-sides accompanying them are all damn good, from the epic “Harder, Faster,” to the jovial “When The Levee Breaks,” and to the bouncy “Locomotive Breath.” There’s bound to be something here to please heavy metal fans, and even fans of more extreme genres would do well checking this out.

For those who aren’t sure of what to expect, it’s hard to exactly pin-point. W.A.S.P. has been characterized as a band heavier than glam but lighter than thrash. The songs are listed in accordance to their chronological release dates, so the first few tracks represent the band’s early career while the later ones obviously are from their more recent history. You’ll notice that the first few are ballsy, rather glammy tunes that are great for parties and rocking out. As you pass tracks, you’ll notice dives near the end of the first CD that show the band transitioning into a heavy metal powerhouse with thunderous tracks like “Harder, Faster,” which crosses the action over into the first tracks on the second CD like “The Headless Children.” It’s quite a pleasure that’ll surely catch you off guard, and if you want an even better experience then you’d be wise to check out their respective albums – the payoff is worth it.

You’ll be mesmerized by Blackie’s beastly, hoarse singing style; fierce, barbaric wails that’ll be too addictive to forget. They’re the one thing that separates this band the most from others, and the tunes that go along with them are all unique and timeless. Heads will roll, the alcohol will flow like a river, and virgins will never be the same after you hear this. Pick it up, have a blast, and you’ll definitely check out the rest of the albums because of it.