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I like it! - 86%

Nightcrawler, November 15th, 2003

Most people seem to think that Still Not Black Enough is where W.A.S.P. started to drop in the songwriting quality compared to the first five classics. And while this sure as hell is no Crimson Idol or The Last Command, it is actually much stronger than Inside The Electric Circus, and several songs on here could definitely hold their own against alot of their classic material.

Still Not Black Enough is as already stated very similar in terms of songwriting and atmosphere to The Crimson Idol, with many catchy rockers to be found but also three ballads, and a rather dark and melancholic atmosphere over the songs. The production and guitar tone is also very much in the vein of their previous release, which works just as well this time, adding a perfect balance of raw heaviness and melody.

The songwriting is very consistent, and in my opinion every song on here is more or less excellent. The dark and emotional rocker Still Not Black Enough, the catchy and memorable Black Forever, and even the cover of Somebody To Love, they all kick ass. Goodbye America has a super-cool sampled intro speech, with the classic quote: "I am politically incorrect, and damn proud of it." The song itself is classic W.A.S.P., which of course equals amazing.
Keep Holding On and Breathe are two more traditional ballads, the first one more sorrowful than the latter, both excellent. The third ballad, I Can't, is more original, and thus also stands out more. Very interesting and emotional songwriting, being quite melancholic and sad until it kicks into the powerful chorus. The second best song on here.
Rock N' Roll To Death is catchy fucking heavy metal, with a definite groovy 70's vibe but with the classic W.A.S.P. touch. "If rock n' roll dies, I'll take my last breath!"
Closing track No Way Out Of Here is a bit of a filler and kinda forgettable, but not really a bad song.
My personal favourite on here is Scared To Death, which has some spinechilling layered guitarwork and atmospheres, perfected by Blackie's mesmerizing melodic-yet-raw vocal performance and the female backing vocals added exclusively for this song. Excellent song, and a true Wasp classic.

All the songs are just incredibly solid, and they're backed up by killer musicianship. Chris Holmes rejoined the band for this album after being absent on The Crimson Idol, yet strangely the guitarwork is more similar to The Crimson Idol than any of the previous albums.
The drumming style also is very similar to their 1992 masterpiece, with the crazy tom fills used for the rhythm section. It's very, very strange, but incredibly cool.

So yeah, this is pretty much a simplified and less epic version of The Crimson Idol, and definitely another indispensable W.A.S.P. classic.