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“Tooouuuuch… Touch In The Flame's Desiiiiiiiiire! - 87%

OzzyApu, June 28th, 2009

Feeling the pain's deniiiiiial,
And your finger's in the fiiiiiiiiiiirrrire”

So heartwarming, majestic, despondent, and at the same time hopeful does Blackie Lawless sound in the almost four minutes of sorrow we are set to listen. To me, this is his earliest performance that showcases how gripping Lawless can be on the mic. “Wild Child” may have perfected it, but this track will always be the first. When it comes to W.A.S.P.’s 80s ballads, fans always point to this one first, and it’s for a good reason.

It may begin with acoustics, but the emotion shoots the second the electric leads fire up amidst curbstomping drumming and a pissed off bass attack. The guitars merely reflect off of Blackie; the vocals truly act as the driving force in this movement. Every time I hear him sing his lines, I either listen word for word or sing it out with him as if I’m on stage sharing the moment.

The solo is short and not too long lasting, but again this is because it plays a supporting role rather than a lead one. Lawless completely dominates the track and god damn my right ear is rumbling. Yes, I do suffer from tinnitus since C4 blew up right next to my head, but it only becomes an issue when I’m blasting music loud or when my sensitivity starts to kick in – needless to say, the latter sums up my experience when hearing this track.

When the song fades to a conclusion, you can’t help but reach out and desire more. You yearn for the sweetness to stay a little while longer, so keep the song on repeat and never let go!

“Taaaaaste the love…
The Lucifer’s magic that maaaaaaaakes you numb
You feel what it does and you're druuuuuuuunk on love
You're sleeping in the fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire…”