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Best Of The Debut’s Singles - 81%

OzzyApu, June 28th, 2009

The verse for “L.O.V.E. Machine” is poignant, with the lyrics really coming alive through Blackie’s grief-stricken yell. This is the one songs I sing along to every time I hear it since it puts me more in the music than the other ones… well, sans “Sleeping (In The Fire).” The guitars don’t really go all out, since they’re the same chords struck throughout, but in culmination with mainly Blackie’s voice you’ll find it to be a real treat.

The solo is also more classical and Maiden-esque than most of the other ones, which is a reason why I enjoy a hell of a lot. Drumming is perfect with the clamor of crashing cymbals, galloping double bass, and machinegun-like tom hits. Bass isn’t all too standout, even though the song goes up and down in intensity, which is a downer for Lawless since on the other songs he really does a standout job.

“Paint It Black” isn’t a track known all too well within W.A.S.P. circles since it’s overlooked on the debut by the other staple tracks. However, I find it to be a really comforting cover that’s more colorful than a good handful on that very album. It has this psychedelic appeal with a groovy bass, plus who can forget that spacey solo!? It totally nails the vibe down - even in a genre such as this. I’ll give props to The Rolling Stones for writing it, but the character comes out on this cover version much more.

This is probably the best single from the band revolving around the debut album, since both tracks not only kickass, but prove to be varied accordingly. One retains the typical early W.A.S.P. sound while the other delves into more progressive territory yet still showcases a vivid band.