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Mean, Fucking, Album - 95%

Btula, December 19th, 2007

Nothing, absolutely nothing in these (almost) past three decades, has W.A.S.P ever disappointed me with a mediocre record and this album is not only under-rated but a true unique classic and no-one else but W.A.S.P could have had the balls and talent to turn this into the masterpiece that it truly is. Hey, this ain’t no “Crimson Idol” or “Headless Children” and it certainly wasn’t made to be a “Sad Wings of Destiny” either. Instead this is just W.A.S.P at their best -- Ever fresh and ever cool!

I can understand why other fans find the industrial sound somewhat annoying, with the down-tuned guitars, muffled vocals and not to mention the fact that the lyrics appear to have been written by a mentally disturbed murderous maniac. So, there’s no disrespect in dismissing this album on those grounds but if we look past the rancid and ugly veneer, you’ll find a pretty standard W.A.S.P fare that we’ve come to love.

Yes, the guitars sound a bit muffled and the industrial vibe in this record is most unexpected. However, the guitar solos are there and they shred! There might not be all that many to feast on, but when they’re thrown, they hit you in the face with a solid crunch leaving you with a bloody nose and longing for more. Welcome back Chris Holmes!

The drumming is superb! Seriously, this is where the album truly shines because it is that damn addictive and it seems to lead the music with different layers of rhythm and tempo on every song. You try pumping this evil little fucker on and you won’t find yourself getting tired from having it on continuous replay. I know I don't!

As for the raspy lead vocals, they really suit the vision that Blackie Lawless had with this album and there are songs that sound angrier than others, others sound somewhat perverted to say the least and to be able to elicit such strong emotion that is 100% real (as creepy as that might be) is a fantastic achievement and the songwriting is pure genius. Mind you… I feel the need to watch cartoons or hug my cat in an effort to divert the negative vibe put out by this album.

All in all this is one mean fucking album – Nicely balanced, addictive, heavy and yet passionate. Only W.A.S.P could have pulled this one out.

So there you have it folks,

A true gem!