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Industrialised WASP Black enough for you now? - 95%

Infinite_dreamer, November 30th, 2013

Strangely enough, this was the first WASP album I ever brought. I had taped copies of Headless Children and I think Inside the Electric Circus and had contemplated buying the Crimson Idol, but never had the time, money or motivation to actually do that. So, KFD, or Kill, Fuck, Die was the first one brought. And that was in the sale. But I'm glad that I got it!

Perhaps coming fresh to this, as it were, with no pre-conceived ideas of a long-time fan about what WASP "should" sound like was actually a good thing. I would imagine had I been a big fan and heard this buzzy industrialised guitar sound emitting out of the speakers, my first reaction would surely have been "what the fuck??!!"

I've got all the WASP albums now, and looking back at them, its fair to say that this album would have been a shock to the senses! That said, the previous album stated that it wasn't black enough and that he (Blackie) wanted it black forever. Mission well and truely fucking accomplished with this vicious fucker!!

The guitars sound a bit fuzzy and I guess industrial, but it suits the overall vibe of this album. The drumwork is excellent, not hyperblasting, but just seems to be a lot of it, if I can say that. The vocals are great and full of anger, possibly with some effects on them in places. Clearly Mr Lawless had a lot of personal shit going on at the time and this is reflected in the lyrics, the sound and the mood of this album. For example check out these lyrics from "U" ;

"Listen to me now
No words, I can say, can describe
How I hate your fucking face
And do you hear me now
You stole my soul with your lies
Your killing zone's where I lie
There you watched me die
You fuckin' suck"

Thats the sort of lyrics found on the album, but they suit the album sound to a T.

The songs themselves are relatively similar, up tempo, 4-5 minutes in length but with some quieter atmospheric sections in some. The final track is the longest, most epic sounding and to my mind the best WASP track ever. The Horror is a beast of a song, starting slowly, building up to powerful section about 3 minutes in before going back to the threatening pensive vocals, drums and bass with the occasional guitar line and then with the repeated refrain "Kill Fuck Die" for about one minute, which actually doesn't get annoying although it sounds it, before building to a wonderfully powerful crescendo, which for my money, could have gone on for another couple of minutes. The lyrics, I believe, are about
Apocalypse now, but I can't remember where I read this now and have to wonder if I did actually imagine it somehow!

So all in all an industrialised metal monster of an album with great songs. Not typical Wasp by any means, but brilliant nevertheless!

Black enough for you now Blackie?