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The rock continues to roll, forever on.. - 97%

UnleashtheHeathen, March 15th, 2004

With every new album W.A.S.P. puts out, they tend to do new theatrics when playing live, and this album is no exception (they even had the stage look like a circus!). "Inside the Electric Circus” is my favorite W.A.S.P. album (following this one are “W.A.S.P.”, “The Crimson Idol” and “UnHoly Terror”), and is slightly different than their first two releases. “Inside the Electric Circus” has a different sound compared to “The Last Command”, with sharp and quick riffs, and sound texture (I won’t go into detail on that). This album ended the “fun stuff” W.A.S.P. did early in their career and prepared everyone for the serious albums (I’m going by studio albums, skipping “Live… In the Raw”). “The Big Welcome” begins the album, with Blackie acting as a circus leader, welcoming all to the main attraction. The second half, “Inside the Electric Circus”, continues with heavy riffs and straight up W.A.S.P. goodness that we’d expect from Blackie & Co. The Humble Pie cover of “I Don’t Need No Doctor” is, honest to say, better than the original (and the only version I’ve heard of the original, is a live version). “9-5 N.A.S.T.Y. was the first single of the album, and by far, the loudest. I’m surprised Blackie didn’t damage any vocal cords while screaming the chorus of the song (although he had to do a few vocal sessions for “Wild Child”, I wonder how long this one took). “Restless Gypsy”, now, I wouldn’t say that this is a ballad, pur se, but it does seem like one, and still an all around great song. “Shoot from the Hip” continues the ass kicking of this album, and is a very catchy track. “I’m Alive” is a great song to listen to; it makes you think of riding a motorcycle. The second cover song, originally by Uriah Heep, “Easy Living” is a song that you might find yourself singing to every once in a while. “Sweet Cheetah” seems like Blackie went back to the “circus” theme for a while, and seems like a continuation of “Restless Gypsy” and it’s a good love song (if you want to go that far). “Mantronic” and “King of Sodom and Gomorrah” sound somewhat similar, and are one of the many songs that tend to go unnoticed (too bad for those people eh?). For the original album, the circus stops, but tells you that they will return soon, with “The Rock Rolls On” is one hell of a rock n’ roll song. A fast, hard and heavy song, just the way we like it.

Now, as with some previous and future W.A.S.P. albums, there is a remastered edition. This one comes with two bonus tracks, “Flesh & Fire”, which uses lots of metaphors in the song (Blackie talking about sex, referring to baseball), and the satirical, “D.B. Blues” (Douche Bag Blues). The second bonus track is very... odd. Blackie wasn’t kidding when he said at the beginning, “This is what happens when you consume massive amounts of drugs and alcohol”.

If you’re able to find this album, throw the Slipknot album or whatever friggin’ album you going to buy, and buy this one; it's a treasure. If you’re a fanatic of 80’s heavy metal, you won’t be disappointed; if you are disappointed, shame.