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A bit more inconsistent. - 78%

Nightcrawler, October 4th, 2003

The first two W.A.S.P. albums were undeniable classics, totally amazing stuff. Heavy metal at it's very, very best. The third album however, did turn out to be quite a disappointment. Why? Inconsistency. This has some of W.A.S.P.'s greatest tracks, but also some of their worst (at least of the first five, which is all I've got so far). Sorta like their Fear of the Dark, only better.

The album is pretty similar to The Last Command, but the guitar sound is a bit sharper and heavier. Otherwise, it's just straightforward rockage all through.
But like I said, several of the songs turn out to be quite disappointing. The second track, I Don't Need No Doctor, is a midpaced, rock n' roll-ish tune which never did anything for me. Despite some groovy vocal lines, it just never seems to get anywhere. And then Shoot From The Hip, King of Sodom and Gomorrah and Mantronic just feel very by-the-numbers, and there isn't alot of effort put into the songwriting. They're not bad songs, but you've heard them all before in much better formats.

The rest, however, is W.A.S.P. as we know and love them. The nearly speed metal riffs and explosive vocals of the title track grabs you by the balls from start to finish. 95 N.A.S.T.Y. is just groovy as hell, with the drum-driven verses, sinister atmosphere and another killer chorus.
Restless Gypsy was their best ballad to date, with some totally awesome vocal melodies and a mesmerizing atmosphere as the major standouts. The Uriah Heep cover Easy Living is probably the best cover they ever did. Sweet Cheetah is just your standard W.A.S.P. track- which means that it owns. The Rock Rolls On is a very catchy rocker with a great chorus, that works very well as a closer. But the definite highlight is I'm Alive, which easily ends up in my top 5 W.A.S.P. songs. The layered guitarwork shines brightly, with the galloping riffs and the killer melodies over it. On top of it all, we have some very memorable vocal lines, especially the chorus which is totally classic material.

Inside The Electric Circus is definitely quite far below the band's first two releases, but still shouldn't be easily dismissed. This has some totally amazing material on it as well, that you just can't miss. If you just skip the bad stuff, this is pretty much another masterpiece.

Oh yeah, the humorous bonus track Douche Bag Blues must also be mentioned. The title pretty much says it all. It begins with the totally classic quote- "Now this isn't the stuff we usually do for you guys, this is what happens when you consume massive amounts of drugs and alcohol." And it ends with another classic- "Time flies when you're in a coma, you know that?"