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Back To The Roots ? - 70%

Sinner, January 1st, 2003

After the rather controversial (at least for the fanbase) 97 release "Kill Fuck Die" and the excellent 98 "Double Live Assassins" - Lawless more or less promised everyone that with this one - he'd go straight back to the roots of Wasp - which didn't turn out as spectacular as perhaps many a fan had hoped for.

Image wise the band more or less succeeds to go back straight back to the days of songs like "Animal" or "Blind In Texas", gone are the thoughtfull and personal lyrics of albums like "Crimson Idol" and "Headless Cross", gone are the pure hatred and frustration of "Kill Fuck Die", instead we are blessed with songs like "Don't Cry Just Suck" or "Saturday Night Cockfight".

Musically it seems that Blackie listened just a bit too much Ac/Dc during the songwriting process - with most songs being rather simple rockers. However, even though certain parts of the album seem rather faceless and bland there still is some enjoyment to be had in the form of "Helldorado" (and it's reprise "Hotrods To Hell"), "Damnation Angels", "High On The Flames" and "Cocain Cowboys" - songs which all in all are not bad and are blessed with a simple, raw production (in contrary to "Kill Fuck Die" - which seemed to be far too experimental for most of the old-school fans).

Certainly not a bad release - although not Blackie's most inspiring album either...