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A Return to Form?!?!? - 25%

Madman, December 2nd, 2002

This album plain and simple is a mess, especially for W.A.S.P. a band that should do more and has the ability to do so. This is the first bump in the road for W.A.S.P. as this was the first studio album I can actually call "bad". All the albums up to this one ranged from "Hey, that's pretty good" to "HOLY CRAP!!! PLAY THAT AGAIN!!!" but unfortunately Blackie's "return to the roots" as he put it is just terrible.

Blackie's idea of returning W.A.S.P.'s roots is to go back to the demo days before the band recorded the first album, now I never heard the demos the band made but I can assume from this album that not only did the band suck at that time they were intent on being an AC/DC clone, which is where this album goes to hell (pun intended). The album, much like all AC/DC albums, is a mix of three cord rock songs where, if you wanted, you could take the vocals from one song and put them on another and nobody would know the difference. The bottom line is that there is no identity to any of these songs, they just go by and you don't remember them and it just sounds like one long song with a couple varied tempos. I've listened to this album maybe a hundred times and when the album is over I still can't recall what specific songs sound like.

I can't believe someone that released albums like "The Headless Children", "The Crimson Idol", and "Kill Fuck Die" could release a piece of shit like this. Although despite the album's all out crapfest I do find myself putting it on every once in a while to listen to a couple songs, mainly "Don't Cry (Just Suck)" and "Damnation Angels". And if you deny the obvious AC/DC influence just listen to "Damnation Angels" and you'll see what I'm getting at.

This album isn't good, so unless you are of the absolute hardcore W.A.S.P. audience (i.e you buy and love everything the band has or will put out) you should stay clear of this album...that is unless you want an AC/DC album ;).