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The first and best W.A.S.P. copilation - 95%

Diablo, August 26th, 2003

The first and best W.A.S.P. copilation. Quietly released in 1993 by capitol records amongs the alternative and college rock boom of the early nineties.\
It covers all the best songs out of the first five albums, some remixed to make them sound more nineties and a few unreleased gems too.

Out of the 14 already released songs, 5 were the remixed ones; Love machine, I wanna be somebody, Blind in texas, Wild child and I don't need no doctor; making this an unique album. On some songs like "L.O.V.E. machine" and "I wanna be somebody" the echo sound of the drums and vocals was eliminated. Which is a good thing because it gives the song a different flavor than the one from the original album. Chainsaw Charlie is an edit version without the spoken intro. The songs "Sunset and Babylon" and Rock and roll to death were unknown songs up until this release. The second was latter released on Still not black enough and the first features Lita Ford on guitars, she really slays on this one, believe me!.
The booklet is a four foot long collage of photos of album artwork, promo shoots and live performances from the past until present, all in black and white. Although a little boring, I would had prefered some liner notes, band history or maybe that the pics could be a little more clearer. Obiously this release was done without the band's (Blackie) input. Besides all that a real worthy release for anyone's collection and the perfect place to start if you don't have any of their releases.