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Best Wasp live album - 92%

Sinner, January 2nd, 2003

Forget all about "Live In The Raw" straight away - although that album certainly isn't bad, it gets blown away completely by "Double Live Assassins".

Featuring an excellent tracklist (which is essentially a best off), an excellent production (even though for example the backing vocals are off "tape" and there most likely has been tinkered a bit in the studio afterwards) and a band which brims (once again) with ambition and fire this is one of the best live albums of the last years.

Highlights are the opening medley (superb !!), the "Kfd" tracks "Kill Your Pretty Face" and "The Horror", "The Headless Children" and the "Crimson Idol Medley" - also, for the people that doubted the quality of "Kfd", check out the tracks from that album on here which are listenable without all the industrial influences - showing that they are excellent songs and a worthy addition to the Wasp catalogue.

Superb release - a must have for a wasp fan - and an excellent place to start for wasp of my favourite live albums ever...