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Crazy For “Crazy” - 87%

OzzyApu, November 16th, 2009

When I heard W.A.S.P., Dominator was the latest album. By the time I heard news of Babylon’s release date, I had already ate up most of the band’s discography and pushed to hear everything so that I could transition right into it. However, they released a single in advance – Crazy, and what I heard was a blast to the past kicking ass once again. Twenty-five years after the debut and Blackie still shows he has his shit together.

I’ve heard the entire album now, and this was probably the best choice for a single. The catchiness is unbelievable, the chorus is fantastic, the riffs are superb, and the solos are heavy metal magical dances that sound so sweet. This track would have sat nicely on Dominator, but that album already has its share of goodies. Immediately, I’m taken right back to “Wild Child” from The Last Command; I thought about some other song, too, but I forgot what it was. Blackie over the years has used similar riffs and songs do tend to sound alike, but this one’s still an entity of its own.

Production is very similar to Dominator, meaning the atmosphere is warm, rich, beefy, and powerful. The riff itself is addictive and very fat, with Lawless himself laying the deep rhythm down as Blair’s harmonious lead skips over the top of it like a galloping steed. The bass from Duda is insanely profound and monstrous, cleansing the bottom of it all like a wet, god damn mop. Layering it all down like cake is the roaring drums from Dupke – the man’s drum bass has a huge echo to it; intimidating as all hell. The whole kit is well-rounded as far as production goes, with my favorite being the stomping double bass use and the resonance of the toms; as a mid-paced song, its quite a beast.

Between them all is Blackie; his voice so guilty and hoarse. His style hasn’t changed at all, and he sounds pretty damn good when it comes to grainy voices. The dark, sickly style works well with such a ferocious track. The bridge before the last chorus is where he really shines; he nearly cries as he furiously yells his lines. Fantastic effort on his part that shows how many emotions ran wild while recording this song.

For a single, you know damn well it made everyone look forward to Babylon. At this point, it’s out and about, but if you haven’t picked it up or at least gave it a listen, then you’re not going out and about enough.