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Make You Howl! - 63%

Sweetie, April 6th, 2021

Wulfskol are one of your bands that take the general aspect of extreme metal with blackened tinges and threatening speeds to spit out something along the lines of early Venom. You've got it all; your punky aesthetic, a dirty atmosphere, and fuming hot vocals that fire up the grating riffs. Hellshock is their only full-length, giving us twenty three minutes of all the works.

Stripping away any kind of production gives us hints of underdone Skeleton, but I'd be lying if I said this band had the hooks. Though what they do here is serviceable, the lack of personality prevents it from feeling necessary. There are some fun-loaded signs of potential, though. "Screamin' Cheetah Roll" is doused in rock 'n roll vibes under the blackened umbrella, giving this otherwise dark tape a sillier outlet. "Lucifer's Spell" somewhat swings the other way, feeling substantially darker, leaving a deeper impression.

With so little to work with, it's tough to tell where the band is headed, but from what we have, I'd like to think they could crank something truly sinister out in the coming years. There are subtle signs of neat direction in an otherwise extremely predictable release.