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Vuohivasara - Perdition Regins Supreme - 78%

forestspirit, May 25th, 2012

'Perdition Reigns Supreme' is the third album from the Finnish black metal band Vuohivasara. The band's name is Finnish for 'Goathammer', which allegedly symbolizes evil and hate.

The opening track, 'Tears of Firmament', has the ferocity of Dark Funeral characterized by the fast drums and raw black metal vocals mixed in with melodic guitar parts from old Satyricon and to some extent, Gorgoroth. The next, 'Luopio', is more melodic in nature and some of the guitar patterns remind me of Satyricon's 'Mother North'.

'Anno Domini Infernus' may not have the best intro due to the random 'vomit simulation' at the start, but the music makes up for this very quickly. The drums and guitar riffs give this track a somewhat progressive feel, but luckily it's just enough to make it stand out without becoming overpowering. 'The Great Aspect Of Desolation Of The God Of Light' marks a return to brutal, raw black metal with the additional touch in the form of a choir halfway through the track.

Other noteworthy songs include 'Raise The Throne of Hate', which contains atmospheric elements akin to Ragnarok, and the epic black metal ballad 'Though Shall Not Suffer A Sorceress To Live'.

Overall, this is one of the best black metal albums I've had the pleasure of reviewing!

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