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Completely Inane - 20%

dystopia4, January 5th, 2012

I've always felt like bands that have their image completely based on gore to be rather silly. While it would have been cool to be there when death metal bands started having these shocking album covers and lyrics back in the day, it has become cliché and completely monotonous in the present day. However, I won't write off an entire genre and certainly not its individual bands for my personal distaste of its subject matter - I'd end up sounding like the old man complaining that rock'n'roll is nothing but a bunch of racket. So I won't judge Vulvectomy on the fact that I think their name and their image is stupid; I will, however, call them out on making generic, inane music.

The first song of this demo "Molesting Dislimbed Whore" starts off with a 30 second sample of someone crying out in fear or pain, probably both. Yeah, half a minute, as if a third of that time wouldn't have driven home the point. The first 30 seconds of music sounds promising. The riff is good - slow and filthy. While I generally don't like the type of low grunting the vocalist is doing, he is doing an adequate job. Suddenly a sharp yelp is given and the music changes shortly thereafter. It alternates between extreme speeds, with grindcore sections added between slow riffing. The rest of the song is pretty boring - the tempo changes frequently but nothing all that noteworthy happens. The vocalist, with his heart set on repetition, begins to become tiresome.

The following song "Fornicate In Putrefaction" is definitely the worst of the pair. It starts with another long sample. Unsurprisingly, it seems to be taken from a horror movie. With the slow, extremely down tuned riff it seems they are going for a creeping sense of menace. Unfortunately, this is not what we get. The riff itself is as boring as they come, and the guitar tone wields no power and is utterly unconvincing. There is a faster section, but it as just as dull as the slow parts. The vocals on this song are generic and fail to capture my attention.

There are way better bands with the sound that Vulvectomy are going for with this demo. While they do get better over time, most notably in their production, even on their latest album the vocals sound idiotic. As short as this is, its a complete waste of time. The production is horrible and the songs are uninspired and generic. It would be best to skip this one.