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Raw and unpolished would sum it up. - 65%

oneyoudontknow, May 22nd, 2020
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Violent Visual Shock

Unpolished is a term that is tossed around a lot by bands that linger around in the black metal underground. While this differs of course and in terms of projects, it is still an aspect that tends to make up a considerable degree of music or tracks. As such, the level on which music is thrown towards the listener differs considerably and is by no means consistent. At times this person has to "enjoying" a rather peculiar performance and may even not be granted the pleasure or the luxury of stereo, as one of the speakers has refused to collaborate and all the dread is being presented by one side only.

The Peruvian band Vulvanic's first demo would be this very one and its style is laid out in the title of this review. ブラックエンジェルの色合い -- according to Google Translate "Shades of black angel" -- attempts to combine straightforward black metal with a certain air of disgust. The latter is expressed through various expressions done by the vocalist and by using this kind of expression, he is actually able to add something to the performance. Reverb and distortion create in this respect something actually rather interesting and peculiar. In style the vocals are more of a growling or croaking than some kind of screaming.

When it comes to the music, then some solid stuff is being presented. Black metal meets thrash metal might sum it up. With tracks whose length ranges from one minute to just over four a rather broad approach in terms of song-writing is being offered. Generally though, Vulvanic do not like to linger around too much. There is no "finesse" so to speak. The intention of the music might be to deliver something with a high level of intensity, because such can be felt throughout the album. It is just barrage after barrage, but not in the way a band like Dark Funeral would deliver. Somehow it is a aberration of early Bathory or early Mütiilation or Black Funeral. interestingly enough the band also managed to add some space for the bass guitar.

If you can life with a good proportion of rawness in terms of the sound of the music that is anything but modern and polished, then this release might be something for you.