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Vulturine > O Caminho da Mão Esquerda > Reviews
Vulturine - O Caminho da Mão Esquerda

Vulturine begin in earnest with early EP - 70%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, April 7th, 2015

After three demos, this band from Brazil's southeast released its first EP "O caminho da mão esquerda" ("The Path of My Left Hand") on 7-inch vinyl format. As an introduction to Vulturine and their early style and themes, this EP serves well: the band was more strictly blackened death metal in orientation. The songs on the A-side deal with the band's loathing for humanity and institutional religion. Side B contains just the title track which is all in Portuguese and which I am guessing is more about Satan worship.

"Life: A Real Non Sense Thing" is a quivering, venomous introduction to the EP, all oily tremolo guitar, laidback drumming and slavering vocal. "The Final Breath of Mankind" is a keener, more energetic beast, all blast-beat menace with a deep driving bass rhythm, demonic voices rejoicing in the demise of humankind and passages of runaway riffing. Plenty of action is to be had here in this 4-minute-plus rollercoaster of black / death metal merriment. The title track likewise is a mix of blast-beat runaway action, a poisonous droning lead guitar and rollicking rhythm in parts, all tied together with tremolo guitar venom and evil goblin voice.

There's not much here about Vulturine that distinguishes them from other blackened death metal bands, and at the time this EP was released the band might still have been searching for a more definite musical identity. The guys weren't short on energy and aggression and their relish can clearly be heard. Their playing is tight and they are technically consistent and very good - the challenge for Vulturine from here on is to develop a more distinctive style and deliver something unique to their chosen genre and themes.