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Not as good as I expected - 81%

WilliamAcerfeltd, August 30th, 2007

Norway is home to some of the best black metal in the world, just look at bands like Ragnarok, Tsjuder and Lja just to name a few. Vulture Lord were one of the first black metal bands (formed in 1990) years and it took them 13 years to record their first full length album. For a band, which has been around so long, they have kept a relatively low-key status for all that time.

As stated above, this is Vulture Lord's first album and this is also their first review on this site, which is quite strange considering they have been on this site for 4 years now. Anyway, about the music, the band describes themselves as playing death metal, it clearly isn't. It is more black metal with some minimal thrash elements in there. The music on this album is fast, raw and aggressive. The previous statement might imply that the music is heavy. It isn't and that needs to be said. Reading other reviews of Vulture Lord's music, from what they were saying, I assumed the music was heavy, so you could imagine I was a bit surprised when I put this CD on and it wasn't.

The guitar riffs are relatively interesting and the riffs change around a fair bit. However, for some reason I just didn't feel that satisfied with the release. It would usually be everything I'd want in a black metal album, however when I turned the album off I just felt it was a bit lacking and wasn't exactly sure why this is so. Occasionally, Trondr will decide to do a solo, he’s a good guitarist and the solos are again interesting but as I said before, I felt this album was a bit lacking for whatever reason.

For someone who talks so much shit, Kat is a mediocre vocalist and to make matters worse, he cannot play any instrument. Trondr is a much better vocalist than he is (see Urgehal). If I was Kat, I'd learn how to play guitar or bass fast, so that Trondr doesn’t decide to kick him out because hey, if Kat leaves, it's more money for them. Admittedly, he does do a better job on Blasphemy though.

Don't get me wrong, Profane Prayer isn't a terrible release, I just expected more. These guys can write riffs and play their instruments, so if you like black metal I recommend you give this a listen. However if you liked more polished sounding black metal which is heavier, go for their later releases.

Conclusion: The above is recommended for download or purchase.