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Excellent punishing thrash!! - 90%

SideShowDisaSter, September 8th, 2005

OH MY! Why in the world did this album, this band for that matter, not become huge?! This is heavy, pounding thrash of the highest order! The riffs, while fairly simple, are incredibly well done and very consistent throughout the whole album. The solos are all played well with plenty of shred, and a bit of harmony leads mixed in to add flavor. The bass can be heard absolutely pounding along giving the music loads of force. The drumming is flat out crushing in it’s mix of double bass assaults, cymbal crashes, blazing snare work and awesome fills. The vocalist is a wonderful highlight. He has one of those high pitched voices that go so well with thrash. His lyrics range from insanity, to pollution on to rage against censorship. Well thought out, not just spewing angst and fury. This band is very tight in their execution and focused in the delivery. And deliver they do!

Hatred At First sight just blisters as the opener! A sonic assault that never lets up. Blazing riffs and speedy drum work make this the perfect track to start off with. It grabs you by the neck and proceeds to throttle you into submission. Juicy little solo in the there.

Prepare yourself for a beating with the next track, Near Death. It’s a mid-paced song that stomps a mud hole in your speakers. The riffs are a slow and crushing, the drum work is punishing, the bass pounds out loud and the vocals are snarled out with loads of rage. ACCIDENT! INTENSIVE CARE! NEAR DEATH, STILL AWARE! Gotta love it! Oh, and there is a nice thrash break towards the end of the song.

Remember Me comes along next. A bit faster than the previous track, it too is a heavy piece. Nice bit of thrashing thrown in at the chorus. The riffs in this song could flatten a truck! There is a wonderful bit of acoustic work in the middle of the song.

Backwards comes out swinging with some pummeling riffs and pounding drums. This track rages against those saying bands have “hidden messages” in their music. And what a way to rage, might I add! Man, these guys can put a hook in a song.

Now we come to one of my personal favorites on the album. Easier To Lie is a ripping piece of thrash. Excellent riffs and precision drums, thumping bass and forceful vocals make this one powerful song. Love the lyric “Listen you old fool, this has gone far enough!” It’s just spit out with such force and aggression, it could get the blood pumping in a corpse! The execution is just amazing. Wonderful lead work as well.

Alter Ego is another heavy stomp-fest. It opens with some roaring, chainsaw riffs. Another one of those tracks that just beats you into submission. Soaring vocals highlight this one. Man, I can’t get enough of this!

One could be fooled by the beginning on Kicked From Both Sides. There is almost a bouncy feel to the first little bit before the band begin the thumping. Don’t let it fool you, this is another pounding effort! It has a cool thrash break for the chorus. The intro is somewhat repeated towards the middle, but it is much more biting and loses that odd bounce it seemed to have at the beginning. It’s followed by a tasty little bit of shred.

Greater Cause is, IMO, the weakest track here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad by ANY stretch, it’s just not as heavy, or catchy as everything else. It’s no filler though. Just takes a bit of getting used to. The vocals are slightly more melodic here as well. It starts off with some acoustic work then has a bit of heavy riff work. It has a pretty cool spoken word bit before the vocalist begins. Pretty good thrash break in the middle. Like I said, it isn’t filler!

Closing out the album on a thrashing note, we get Forgive Us. A heavy track that seeks to punish everything and everyone in it’s way. This one just rips!

This is just an excellent album in all aspects. I suppose the fact that they were on a smaller label in Europe is the reason they didn’t break out huge. This album is incredibly hard to find, but if you do, pick it up! It is MORE than worth it. Fans of thrash are doing themselves a huge injustice by not owning this one.