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Vreid > Lifehunger > Reviews > Sweetie
Vreid - Lifehunger

The Legacy Is Not Forgotton - 90%

Sweetie, June 21st, 2022

While it’s common to hear me talk about “black metal with riffs,” it isn’t often that I would quite call it melodic without it dipping into the blackgaze territory. A little while ago, former Windir members would form Vreid, carrying a fair sized discography in this style. Lifehunger was the album that jumped out of the pack, one that somewhat balances that fury and sorrow combo. Typically, the former comes in the form of the vocals and rhythms, while the latter is present in leads.

With that being said, the opposite moods work within each other very smoothly and never once feel like they were forced, or as if there was an awkward transition. The band’s ability to swing from blast beats and sharp blackened rhythms into sudden acoustic passages and softer singing is pretty remarkable. This manages to even include slower, buzzsaw passages that take on a bit of a progressive element, heard very clearly in the title track’s intro. Still, these areas inevitably fall into some form of melody, or circle back to your familiar crushing style.

The only area where there seems to be a full break from anything too dense is the somber “Hello Darkness.” If this track weren’t so surrounded by such light eclipsing auras, I’d say that Vreid shows some goth rock roots. Really, even the heavier parts could be viewed as such if you peel back the layers. “One Hundred Years” is way catchier than it has any business being, and the memorability in general speaks pretty loudly.

From the soft intro all the way to the emotion-drenched instrumental outro, Lifehunger almost seems contradicting as it’s full of life more than many a black metal record. There are times when dark, lifeless, blasphemous music just feels right. If that’s your mood, save this for later. Otherwise, get ready for an incredible blend of flavors. Fans of Enslaved, I, or Hunter’s Moon may find something for them here.