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The black'n'roll riffs kings first effort. - 96%

navas015cbg, January 11th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2004, CD, Tabu Recordings (Digipak)

Vreid was formed in 2004 from the ashes of Windir, an excellent viking black metal band that ended tragically when Valfar, its vocalist and mastermind, died of hypothermia in a snow storm. This dramatic background clearly influenced Vreid’s first effort, Kraft. The album’s vibes are wrathful, dark and grim, and the lyrics deal with wrath, anti-religious sentiment, nostalgia and Marquis de Sade’s philosophy. Having settled all this let’s talk about the the most important aspect, the music:

I’ve been a fan of Vreid’s music since the very first time I listened to Kraft. Their trademark fusion of rock’n’roll and black metal, with some acoustic clean guitar moments and sporadic electronic passages got me immediately hooked. Their riffs are simply unforgettable. I love how this band has produced so many catchy riffs over the years with a grim, dark and evil tone. I mean, it was thanks to Vreid I removed the dust from my guitar and started playing again! For example, the opening song, ‘Wrath of Mine’ goes from a furious tremolo picking and a d-beat oriented loop to a clean, almost relaxing acoustic guitar section only to go back to the harshness of its beginning. Immediately after follows 'Raped by Light', which is basically another d-beat punk influenced song. It's pretty obvious that Vreid's drummer listened to a lot of punk bands during his life. Then we have the first electronic experiments with the industrial and mysterious ‘Helvete’. To enrich the variety of this album we have the mournful and bleak ‘Empty’, a song that leaves you hopeless, with lyrics that make you feel like the song title:

There are times when time stand still
Times where there are no tomorrow
Remembering the days of life
The days we used to live

Another aspect I love about this album is its production. It’s raw and dirty, yet you can hear everything perfectly, which I feel it was the way this album was meant to sound. It became one of my favourite albums ever and introduced me to a band I still listen to often nowadays. I would recommend this album to any black metal fan, specially if you like “Age of Nero's era” Satyricon and rock’n’roll influenced metal in general.