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Vrag - Remete

Vrag - Remete - 91%

Edmund Sackbauer, January 24th, 2020

Not too long ago I wrote a review for the second full length album by Hungarian black metal outfit WitcheR which has been a pleasant surprise. The man behind this band has another solo project called Vrag which can musically be classified as similar but maybe a tad rawer with “Remete” being full length number two. What both albums have in common is stunning cover artwork perfectly setting the mood before the play button has even been hit.

While each black metal band puts a lot of emphasis on building a sinister atmosphere Roland/Vrag has gone even a bit further compared to his peers. While the main focus is still on riffs and drum attacks there are a lot of desperate and haunting harmonies dwelling in the background. Eerie themes presented by the lead guitar are always present – sometimes more subtle and in other places as leading elements defining certain parts of the song.

The main riffs might sound familiar but some of the chord progressions feel like a modern twist on something that has been written some decades ago. A lot of the trademark chops are repeated over and over again but often with subtle variation lending the music a slightly monotonous but also hypnotic and very stringent character. The music has an epic undertone without sacrificing any of the aggression needed for that kind of stuff.

Melancholic and trippy guitar harmonies are often dwelling in the background while the stoic and hypnotic basic chords are responsible for a dense atmosphere. The fascinating chord progressions are accompanied by melodic trademark lead lines defining the character of each single song. The speed is quite slow for a black metal record with only a few passages where the tempo is upped. However, the melodic harmonies and the fantastic hooks make the record a very enjoyable affair from start to finish.

Rounded off by howling vocals and a production that is clear and powerful but not too modern with enough rawness having been left in the overall mix “Remete” is a nice little gem and surely a surprise. I hope that talented musicians like Roland will be able to get a bit more recognition in the future as Vrag and WitcheR both show his creativity and passion.