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Vrag - Mourningwood

True Black Metal - 90%

PersonalDisease, July 9th, 2014

A lot of black metal nowadays seems to have lost its roots. So many tweaks and adjustments have been done to it, almost to the point where black metal is more of a stylistic element more than a genre itself. Digging back to its creation, black metal has always been about emotion and very visual factors. Modern day black metal has lost that feel. This is where Vrag steps in...

Right from the start, I can tell that these guys are fully aware of where they came from. The dark and depressing feel that it has to it just brings a smile to my face. The raspy sounds of the music, the speed, and the overall atmosphere of this group is what I know as black metal. The way these people go about producing music that has a very familiar sound to it is just phenomenal. It doesn't get old, and it's still unique.

The only reason this album isn't rated 100% is because of the vocals. It's not that they're bad, they're not utilized enough. In bands such as Darkthrone or Crimson Moonlight, the vocals are used to their full potential. This is not a comparison, just a reference. The vocals that do appear however, are out of this world. They faded back, sort of echoed sound that they have is fantastic. Exactly what I look for.

The instrumentals are a perfect mix of slow and heavy, with extremely fast parts. To me, this is what sets this band apart from the others. Typically, the music is focused on only one speed. If not, the other is only for a brief moment, or they use it in the wrong places. Another thing this band has mastered.

Overall, this band brings something quite fantastic to the table. it's a great band for people who are into the old school black metal. It's a perfect blend of basically everything you love about black metal.