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“Be one of the first” to hear Posthumanism! - 85%

silenceharmsyourears, August 28th, 2009

The Music/Musicianship

The album blasts open in a way that sounds like you’re being sucked into a black hole whilst a planet falls apart. I was taken back by just how extreme, original and awesome this sounds from the get-go. What stands out immediately perhaps is the vocals are extremely brutal and overpowering, perhaps a little too much so this time. I don’t think I heard vocals so brutal and shouted in a while other than Hate Eternal maybe, but it seems to work well in the scope of things; with blinding guitars grinding, light-speed drums and laser-like synths carrying the music. This time it sounds like they are really pushing it and giving it their all. There are at least several great tracks and all the rest are good, all-round enjoyable and fairly memorable songs. No bad tracks and virtually no bad/boring parts at all! Most of the songs start set in the same key again which works very well here, each song grinds into the next perfectly.

Negatives? The main downside is that once again, the quality of the album and songs seems to decrease as it progresses past half way. Not much this time, not like before, still flowing fairly well and enjoyable but enough to be noticeable. Another let down musically for me is the lack of instrumental/ambient tracks, there are ambient parts, but no stand alone tracks like before. The New Creations is a good example, a great track with a cool ambient intro. It’s very soothing and mysterious and would be great to listen to alone, but you can’t because just as you are starting to enjoy it you get blown the fuck away at 30 seconds by some of the craziest music you’ll ever hear. However, unlike before, the sudden eruption is not to detriment of the track or the flow of the album; it works quite well this time.

Perhaps a little too straight forward in complexity and song-format at times, but overall awesome! Musically it feels like more effort and consideration has been put in to push this album up a level, and it works. I would rate this album likely their best yet, close to 2007’s Wasteland, it sounds similar to it in a lot of ways too which is good. The main differences seem to be more a maturing song-writing, but a little less variety with a more inhuman/industrial approach.

The Production/Sound

Excellent, can’t fault it! The album seems to have the best parts of all their records mixed into one. I can’t see how this could sound much better at their current status, sounds great and pro. They got rid of the dry drum sound from Deep Beneath (which could be described an acquired taste), reverted to the similar punchy sound of their previous best effort Wasteland - and improved it some! The only thing I would highlight a little perhaps is the vocals, the guy is insane! But I think he is screaming his guts out a little too much maybe, sounds like he’s struggling to breathe at some parts, so could be a little more consistent in his attack, but nothing to worry about.


A very good album, and in my opinion a landmark in Industrial Extreme, this literally destroys 99% of the competition out there. It’s also likely their best album yet, equal in scale to the mighty Wasteland. The room for any band improvements is fast closing, the sound is great, and they really just need to concentrate on improving as musicians and composers to create a more consistently great album which flows better musically, and as a conceptual piece. Next time hopefully no weak riffs or room for errors. Impossible you say? Not for these guys. 11 awesome tracks lasting 47 mins. This time it’s harder to choose some stand out great tracks, but I’d say definitely check out: Xenomorphosis, Humanity: Static, The New Creations.

Anyone who likes metal or industrial and hasn’t heard this band must hear them! It’s like jumping into a real-life version of quake multiplayer during an intergalactic laser bloodbath. Chain-gun metal of the future!

A Hidden Gem, Best of All, For Free - 95%

Alastrann, June 14th, 2009

Vortech is a relatively unknown industrial death metal outfit from Finland. Their previous efforts haven't garnered much attention and, deservedly so. But, this new album, "Posthumanism," is a true gem.

The production on this album is the best yet. The guitar tone is top-notch. The keyboards have been adjusted so they are audible, yet, not jarring. The drums also benefit from the accrued production skills. Between "Wastelands," their last offering, and "Posthumanism," a murky buzzing tone evolved to the expected "death metal" production. Meaning production that is clear with a heavy low-end.

The song-writing ability of the band has also increased. The melodies in tracks like "Destined to Fall" and "The Wolves" bounce between guitars and keyboards never settling and most importantly never getting boring. At first, these melodies don't really strike you but hours after listening you'll find this unknown melody popping into your head. Until, you finally identify it as the main melody from "Destined to Fall."

All these pluses are coupled with a great music philosophy. The band decided to put their whole discography up for free download on their website. The result is a more widespread audience at the cost of material gain. Honestly, if it wasn't for that philosophy I probably would have overlooked this gem.

I originally downloaded this album expecting the type of album you listen to once and forget about. I was wrong. So far I've listened to this album five times through and I don't think I'll be letting up anytime soon.This is a solid release and a definite 9.5/10.