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Vortechs debut full-length... Conclusion! - 84%

silenceharmsyourears, April 18th, 2009

Vortechs Debut Album... Conclusion!

About the band

This band has it all – crushing extreme metal with a heavy-as modernized black/thrash tone, electronic synths, soaring ambient parts, grindcore slamming drums and more. Perhaps strangely, it all works very well together! In my humble opinion, some of the best music and bands out there are fairly obscure, and this is another case proved true. I found this band on Metal Archives [!] one night searching in the vain hope of finding the isolated gems of music that exist out there. Only a few have what it takes to be the best, and Vortech has it. The band has not toured much yet, presumably because it is made up mainly of only 1 busy genius - Juha Untinen. Juha appears to be a strange Finnish madman from the frozen very north of northern Finland, shredding out his icy cold industrial madness whilst laughing tormenting the world below during its demise. He has since collected some other brutal musicians together and plans to do some gigs. I have yet to see an interview or some info explaining the exact subject matter of the work, but just from listening and the lyrics I can say its sci-fi based concept-type albums, presumably set in a not too distant future Earth-type planet, in which man is facing total demise. Awesome! I like it already I hear you say…

The Music/Musicianship

The songs are cool, and the riffs vary from fairly simple standard metal catchy to tricky grinding slammage. However, the main problem with this album is it's a little too repetitive in composition, and struggles to achieve its true nature. It seems to sit somewhere in the middle between mediocre and great and original, between old and new. Regarding repetitiveness, most of the tracks start set in the same key, perhaps is a lean towards their grindcore edge. This wouldn't be an issue except that the songs throughout also sound similar, and therefore become a bit boring or forgettable. The music is good and very enjoyable overall.

The Production/Sound

Professional, heavy, excellent. Matching Vortech's theme of futuristic chaos and genre of Industrial Extreme Metal - is the sound production. It sounds very similar to the high quality modern chugging sound of bands like Fear Factory. It is also somewhat strange and original in the fact that it has a very raspy "robotic" metallic edge to it, especially on the vocals which sound like they are whispers running through a vocoder/synth which for some reason suit it very well. You wouldn't think "whispers" worked with metal, but the way they are done does, and makes a nice change to hear a band trying an original vocal technique! The drum machine sounds very cool, heavy and deliberately robotic, which suits the theme and production well. There is not really much to fault with the sound, however, it is a little bit "muffled " sounding, also the electronic-ness gets a bit too much and it feels a bit overloaded at times - I think mainly from the drums and electronic synths being slightly too loud, which is made worse by the somewhat repetitive music composition. For a self-produced debut, it's clear they know what they are doing, and have had much practice in producing a high quality heavy sound which is very enjoyable to the ears.


Good album, great debut, but a fair amount of room for improvement. The music on this album is enjoyable and listenable, especially because the production is so good, but the music on this release is a little lacking, and the album length feels a bit too short also. 10 tracks, clocking in at exactly 30 mins and 1 second. Stand out great tracks are: Mind Awakening, Sycophant Gods, End Game (Instrumental track). Summarise how this band sounds? Fear Factory with a drum machine playing Grindcore vs. Hardcore-Electro upon a mountain in Blashyrkh. Definitely worth checking out!