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Vorna - Jäätynyt

Vorna's most commercial and melodic release - 72%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, June 26th, 2013

The third release by Vorna, "Jäätynyt", turns out to be a single with a short B-side rather than a mini-album compared to previous releases. The first song "Hävityksen Helmalla" is a smart, well-constructed piece with enough melodies and conventional rock and song-structure elements to satisfy a more commercial market but not so much so that a more alternative if not-so-underground metal audience is alienated. A background choir, bell-like chimes, the occasional clean-toned guitar and moderately dark ambience provide tasteful touches to a stirring and quite emotional work of music and song-writing craft. The production is clean and highlights the band's technical skills which are consistent throughout. It's music like this that makes me wonder why at this stage of Vorna's career, the band remained unsigned to a label.

The title track is no less rousing in its melody and orientation: occasionally pounding, almost blast-beat pummelling drumming drives the bluesy guitar, cold synth tones and bell effects. This is a good song with some beautiful if very short passages of dramatic instrumental music featuring liquid guitar and some emotionally stirring keyboard work.

Probably the one thing holding back Vorna is the vocal style which might be too gravelly for a more mainstream metal audience and the Finnish-language lyrics. The subject matter of Vorna's songs is particular to a Finnish audience raised on tales of the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic and might have rather limited appeal to an audience outside Finland, especially one not familiar with the work of J R R Tolkien or Tove Jansson.

At this stage of their career, "Jäätynyt" is a good summary of where Vorna were as it appears to be a transition from a less commercial and more underground and BM-oriented style towards something more melodic and mainstream-friendly. I would be sorry if the band were to compromise any more on their style to gain more exposure and live off their music. It is Vorna's decision after all as to what works for them so I wish them the best of luck.