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Killer, how can anyone not love this? - 85%

Muloc7253, February 27th, 2008

This is the first I've heard from Voodoo Terror Tribe, and damn is it awesome! This is exactly the kind of metal that I love, and the very reason I got into metal all those years ago was to discover bands like this.

This is not an album for purists, and to like this you'd have to enjoy Sepultura, specifically Chaos A.D./Roots era. The band isn't a soundalike, but they have the same sort of tribal elements, and also the same amount of groove. The vocalist sounds nothing like Max, and the riffing style is totally different, but it gives you a general idea of what to expect. This album doesn't seem like it was made to fit into any particular subgenre or to appeal to any particular base of people. That doesn't mean it's all avant garde or anything, it just means the band set out to record a METAL album, and absolutely nothing else. There are thrash riffs, groove riffs, sung and shouted vocals, tribal beats, almost melodeath style solos, some chugging, some varied basswork...they pretty much cover the whole map. It's a style that seems to have rose around '95 ish, where rather than just play an advanced version of the metal of their youth, as seemed to happen most in the past, bands took influence from lots of various bands from all over the whole spectrum of metal, probably because the internet allowed people to hear stuff from all different time zones and areas of the world, not just what was currently on metal radio at the time.

But despite the fact that this doesn't fit a particular genre doesn't mean it sounds mixed up, the band has a great sense of identity and the whole album actually makes perfect sense. Of course, what makes the band great, like every great band in existance, is that beyond their powerful sound they're actually very good songwriters. Not only can they play their instruments with intricacy and passion, but they can actually sit down and write a damn good song too. The whole album is great, so it's difficult to pick out choice cuts, but I think my favourite song is Get Down, which is actually a sort of ballad. Under the Knife, Mandala and World of Lies are all superior to the other tracks, although that doesn't mean the other tracks are really weak.

Really, this is a great metal album, and is recommended mainly to just fans of metal in general, especially those not insulted by post-1990 metal.