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Obscure Black Metal Attack From Stckholm - 85%

Lord_Sauron, November 29th, 2008

Vondur is a strange band from Sweden, which plays black metal. They are unusual mostly because they play untuned. However, that is not case with their eponymous demo album. Their style on the demo is slow/mid-paced black metal, and I like it very much.

The first song, "Uppruni Vonsku" is notable for it's fantastic main riff, which I can't get out of my head and the one other riff which starts around 00:55. The vocals are great, at least for me. I am not familiar with Swedish, so I will not comment the lyrics. I also like the higher-pitched guitars that start around 03:15.

Second song, "Eitt Bergmaul Ur Fram Ti Dinnar Dagar" starts with some orchestration, but it soon evolves into the song similar to the previous one. I like the strange vocals around 00:50 and later in the song. Also the part which starts between 01:15 and 01:20 rocks. The singer's screaming and deep vocals in contrast make this song even greater

Third "song", "Eg Deami Oss Til Dauja" is just recorded rain and thunder with some spoken word vocals at the beginning. It is some kind of dark ambient "music" and is worthy to give a listen.

Overall, this is a great raw black metal demo and all black metal fans should check it.