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Von - Satanic Blood - 65%

mentalselfmutilation, March 28th, 2008

When it comes to first wave black metal, Von seems to be brought up from time to time. An obscure band that hails from the US and all the way back to 1989 had been playing black metal and considered one of the forefathers of the genre itself sometimes in comparison with the likes of Bathory, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Mayhem, and Venom. As for if they compare to those bands, that can be debatable, however as a whole this demo is actually one of the better cult classics.

The demo itself is exactly what you'd expect. Raw, minimalistic black metal with terrible production. The production is definitely something to get used to for some listeners and will be downright intolerable for others. The music itself is also nothing to really look at and think of as something amazing. Many time the same one or two 3 note riffs being played over and over again for the span of the song. The minimalism however is delivered and executed very well for an early black metal release. The vocals are well delivered and executed in a way that is tolerable, mixed low with the rest of music, though the noticeable delay that shows up on certain tracks can take away from them at times things only get better and better.

Von is definitely a cult classic among black metal and one of the better received bands from the first wave of black metal. So if I like this recording why the low score? The potential was there to be an even better recording when it comes to many factors, i wouldn't rate this demo highly along the likes of some professional albums, though you could definitely see if von had the chance to record a full length or rerecord this material officially it could've been one of the best early black metal records, so where it lacks it could've potentially be a much stronger release than it really was, but don't let that take away your opportunities to listen to this demo, it's more than worth it to play at least once if you're a fan of black metal. Hail Von!