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The epitome of macabre disco - 15%

small_cat, March 20th, 2010

In the early 1990s, death metal as an undiluted style experienced its golden age. While some Finnish death metal bands produced a couple of unique offerings before fading into obscurity, some decided to keep their names and make queer retro pop music. Vomiturition were the exception, opting to make a career out of uneventful, groovy disco death that desperately aimed to emulate the odd feel of Demilich and demo era Disgrace to no avail.

Sound wise, this band are amazing. A great production masks the blatantly boring song "developments" and bouncy stupidity. Vocals sound fine, but the phrasing only makes the overtly groovy sections even worse. Strings are well played, but what is being played sucks. Drumming is adequate, but so is most death metal drumming. Finndeath enthusiasts will insist this band has a bizarre charm, but fanboys always insist on lots of stupid shit because completism without discrimination makes them feel like they belong to something.

Toxic Homocaust fans of yesteryear are paying big bucks for this on eBay in light of the Finndeath trend, avoid it and get back to the roots of disco.