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Swedish Fucking death metal, from Finland. - 90%

absurder21, December 11th, 2011

I came across this record a few months ago while going on an Old school death metal binge, and was drawn to it as it was apparently a gem and had the same drummer from Swallow the Sun and Wintersun, so I figured it must have some good rep. And it certainly, certainly does. Chalk full of riffs more akin to the Swede death then what was coming out of their home country, Finland, at the time, it holds a very modest torch towards bands like Dismember, Necrophobic and Unleashed but with a hint of jazziness a le’ Atheist that is perfect for anyone trying to find a great old school death metal or Swede death record.

The guitar work on this is great, as I mentioned being fairly reminiscent to the Swedish style. The riffs have the rusty razor like guitar tone between crushing riffs, and with their own unique melody and sinister lead bits makes the guitar work absolutely addictive. The riffs bounce between catchy and melodic(almost proto-melodic death metal even) and punishing death metal violence, fusing together all the best parts of the early 90s scene. The solo work and lead guitars are great, blowing through whirlwind solos and dual lead bits like they owned them personally. The bass work is sufficient, although not as prominent as it could be; it makes itself known here and there and makes a somewhat noticeable difference to the music. The drumming is great, utilizing all the necessary conventions to get the job done, and also adding a mildly jazzy bit into his performance making everything all that more interesting. The growls are pretty good, being somewhat like Entombed, but also going into extremely deep gutturals that sound like a hippopotamus growl.

Lyrically, the theme Vomitiurition seem to centre around is society, hatred of society and the malignant traits it possess. Some songs subject matter includes taking the viewpoint of the homeless and other social rejects, with some allusions to human extinction and suicide. A lot of hateful, aggressive and chaotic moods are enhanced due to the harsh lyrics and heavy riffs, while also syncing well with the somewhat depressive, hurt and melancholic feelings the more melodic riffs evoke. Together with perfectly mixed sound and levels(the odd symphonic pieces mixing in perfectly) and almost progressive like structuring leaves this record as an engineering masterpiece and doesn’t sound like a bands one off piece, which it unfortunately was.

It always annoys me whenever I find these death metal gems that none of these bands really stick around past their debuts. It’s understandable, people move on, but the fact that all these guys are still decently active within their scenes has me wishing they’d come back together, as this material is good enough to have them on levels such as Dismember and Entombed, and is just as unique. All in all this is a great record for anyone looking for old school death metal, Swedish death metal, early melodic death metal or just a good damn death metal record overall, check this out. I know, it’s hard to spell...

Best songs: Sacred Tree- Pain, Malleus Maleficarum, Head/Tales, Beast Revived