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Swedish Fucking death metal, from Finland. - 90%

absurder21, December 11th, 2011

I came across this record a few months ago while going on an Old school death metal binge, and was drawn to it as it was apparently a gem and had the same drummer from Swallow the Sun and Wintersun, so I figured it must have some good rep. And it certainly, certainly does. Chalk full of riffs more akin to the Swede death then what was coming out of their home country, Finland, at the time, it holds a very modest torch towards bands like Dismember, Necrophobic and Unleashed but with a hint of jazziness a le’ Atheist that is perfect for anyone trying to find a great old school death metal or Swede death record.

The guitar work on this is great, as I mentioned being fairly reminiscent to the Swedish style. The riffs have the rusty razor like guitar tone between crushing riffs, and with their own unique melody and sinister lead bits makes the guitar work absolutely addictive. The riffs bounce between catchy and melodic(almost proto-melodic death metal even) and punishing death metal violence, fusing together all the best parts of the early 90s scene. The solo work and lead guitars are great, blowing through whirlwind solos and dual lead bits like they owned them personally. The bass work is sufficient, although not as prominent as it could be; it makes itself known here and there and makes a somewhat noticeable difference to the music. The drumming is great, utilizing all the necessary conventions to get the job done, and also adding a mildly jazzy bit into his performance making everything all that more interesting. The growls are pretty good, being somewhat like Entombed, but also going into extremely deep gutturals that sound like a hippopotamus growl.

Lyrically, the theme Vomitiurition seem to centre around is society, hatred of society and the malignant traits it possess. Some songs subject matter includes taking the viewpoint of the homeless and other social rejects, with some allusions to human extinction and suicide. A lot of hateful, aggressive and chaotic moods are enhanced due to the harsh lyrics and heavy riffs, while also syncing well with the somewhat depressive, hurt and melancholic feelings the more melodic riffs evoke. Together with perfectly mixed sound and levels(the odd symphonic pieces mixing in perfectly) and almost progressive like structuring leaves this record as an engineering masterpiece and doesn’t sound like a bands one off piece, which it unfortunately was.

It always annoys me whenever I find these death metal gems that none of these bands really stick around past their debuts. It’s understandable, people move on, but the fact that all these guys are still decently active within their scenes has me wishing they’d come back together, as this material is good enough to have them on levels such as Dismember and Entombed, and is just as unique. All in all this is a great record for anyone looking for old school death metal, Swedish death metal, early melodic death metal or just a good damn death metal record overall, check this out. I know, it’s hard to spell...

Best songs: Sacred Tree- Pain, Malleus Maleficarum, Head/Tales, Beast Revived

The epitome of macabre disco - 15%

small_cat, March 20th, 2010

In the early 1990s, death metal as an undiluted style experienced its golden age. While some Finnish death metal bands produced a couple of unique offerings before fading into obscurity, some decided to keep their names and make queer retro pop music. Vomiturition were the exception, opting to make a career out of uneventful, groovy disco death that desperately aimed to emulate the odd feel of Demilich and demo era Disgrace to no avail.

Sound wise, this band are amazing. A great production masks the blatantly boring song "developments" and bouncy stupidity. Vocals sound fine, but the phrasing only makes the overtly groovy sections even worse. Strings are well played, but what is being played sucks. Drumming is adequate, but so is most death metal drumming. Finndeath enthusiasts will insist this band has a bizarre charm, but fanboys always insist on lots of stupid shit because completism without discrimination makes them feel like they belong to something.

Toxic Homocaust fans of yesteryear are paying big bucks for this on eBay in light of the Finndeath trend, avoid it and get back to the roots of disco.

This is death metal! - 95%

RAUD, July 27th, 2007

I can't really remember when I obtained this release or how, but it sure is a moment I will never regret.

Vomiturition is one of the best acts in the history of the genre, and it is such a pity they never reached higher levels of fame. Their music is death metal at it's absolute peak, inching in on flawless. They easily line up with such cult classics as Boltthrower and Dismember. Being a release dated so far back in time (1995) it also adds more points of it's "retro" status and the "trueness" of the music (I know that is a stupid expression, but what the hell, this is "true" death metal all the way!)

Giutars are tuned down pretty low giving the music a bone crushing abysmal feeling; heavy and devestating like Boltthrowers "Mercenary". Riffs are equally heavy and gloomy. Great variety of melodies and riffs throughout the album leaves no room for boring or repetetive "transport routes". Some of the stuff might today sound a bit blatant and "heard before" but that is mainly because of this kind of music being recycled and ripped off throughout the ages. This is a classic piece of metal with all the classic things you look for when you are in the search of that "immortal death metal feel". Thus, it's date of recording adds alot of value.

Tempo is also greatly variated; from slow "doom-like" parts that just makes you feel the shadows of the under world closing in on you, to maniac grinding, sometimes even in the same track! All of this is pasted together with extreme accuracy and without any odd ends. It is all very much "thought through" and precise in it's balance between darkness and hardness. Leaves no death metal head disappointed! The main track "A Leftover" is one of the absolute best tracks with an opening made to break down walls and destroy homes. All the other tracks come in at second place, bordering to shared first.

Vocals are more growl that scream but also with much variety and quality. Lyrics on the other hand is maybe the only thing lacking in this piece of otherwise outstanding work. Some pretty bad choice of words and grammar pop up every now and then, but the themes are classic death metal material; depression, gore, social injustice and such. Giutar and bass works are wonderful and totally without those annoying screaming, string slashing, ear shredding, chaotic solos with no point or meaning. However, most of the credit should go to the drummer Kai Hahto. I have no idea why his name is not more often heard because the work he conducts on this record is easily at the same standards as can be heard on any "Death" or "Morbid Angel" album; fast, exact, refined, inventive and above all thight as a motherfucker! All hail this forgotten mastermind of death metal drumming!

Production over-all and mixing is beautiful; clean yet not crystal clear, adding even more feeling. A nice black curtain lays over the recording giving that old mid 90's death metal sound. Bass register is up high but not so much that it disturbes the other channels. Just fucking awesome!

This CD is most certianly not on the market today but if you see it, and you are into Death Metal, I can without doubt recommend it. Pretty cool picture-disc also. The cover art has nothing to do with the concept of the release (maybe the last track) but it looks really cool.
This is Death Metal, 110% genuine!