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Gore-grind....for Jesus? - 27%

Hordeofmordor, October 20th, 2008

Most gore-grind, from my experience (which isn't saying much) isn't overtly anti-christianity. But Christian gore-grind? odd. This is a crudely recorded cd-r
with minimal packaging, but such is the case with underground music. The guitars are very buzzy, the drumming is very high end and blast oriented. The progressions are farely punk rock oriented. The vocals are over-processed and distorted, but for fans of this genre, right on par with puking and belching prevalent in said genre. Lyrics are unintelligible, and the guest vocals are ridiculous. The guest vocalist literally sounds like the Tazmanian Devil. No really. Actually, I've seen episodes where Taz says some real words. The song titles are long and gory. It's good for an occasional listen, but can grow rather tiresome quickly. There are definately some good heavy moments, but the vocals are irritating to me. The guy behind the music is obviously a fan of Regurgitate, but doesn't quite pull the sound off. I do give him an E for effort, considering it's a one man project, and the novelty of this project never wears off, but, overall, a rather lackluster final product. Listen to pre melo-death Carcass, and Regurgitate instead.