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A Slower, More Old School Vomitory - 100%

optimuszgrime, March 10th, 2008

The best album by Vomitory, no questions asked. All of their other albums can be judged on the same level as non-stop Swedish tech death, but this one stand out all on its lonesome. It is an absolute masterpiece and a continuation of the legacy of Nihilist, Grotesque, Dismember, Morbid, etc. indeed, this is the last old school Swedish death metal album, after this album there is no more old school in Sweden. So this album marks the end of an entire era, to my mind. 1996, and it was all over, lasted more than 10 years, if we count from the birth of Nihilist onwards. The rest of Vomitory is also worth mentioning, as there are great riff sin there, but it all sort of sounds similar after this album. They get really heavy and really dense on the later ones, while on this work it is still the lofty old school stuff. There are plenty of melodious passages, and a lot of Swedish crust d-beat riffs as well, which is sort of surprising. The singer’s vocals are like on all of his releases, nice deep gruff howling voice. The drumming is mostly mid-tempo, but some well-rounded blast beats also make their way unto this recording. The rest of the sections are slow, mid-paced riffage, some triplet work done as well. Some black metal riffs are also on this release, but mostly it is Swedish old school death metal. And at that it is some of the best material recorded in this vein. All in all I would recommend it as a sight of what Vomitory was like before they became the double bass pumping, blast beating beasts they became today. A somewhat slower and lot more melodious Vomitory is what the listener will find, and it is quiet delightful, as the melodies are sad and dark, the voice is rough as hell, and the attitude is best described as ‘fuck off’. Worth the money you would pay for it.