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Definitely A Classic - 90%

jmoore616, October 23rd, 2012

I wasn't all to familar with Vomitory, so I decided to start from the beginning and pick up "Raped In Their Own Blood". When bands use graphic photos as album covers, it gives me a feeling of being a part of an underground scene. Kinda ridiculous, but it's one of the things I appreciate about this album. Swedish death metal has a lot offer a metal fan, and I wondered if these guys were going to fit the bill... and they did. This is definitely an instant classic in my mind.

The first track clued me in to the production of the album, and it's the kind that I relish in. The use of reverb on vocals, and pristine drum sounds that don't overpower the amazing tone of the guitars... it makes me think of other classic death metal albums like "Scream Bloody Gore" or "Altars of Madness". I can see inflences of grindcore and maybe even sludge, but over all it's a very death metal album. The speed is exemplary on the title track and "Through Spectral Shadows" and when the drums slow their beat to let the guitars ring out some sinister tones, it mostly doesn't take away from the brutality of the songs, however I feel it comes up a lot. The vocals are also something to enjoy. Ronnie Olson truly has some epic growls that smother the song with evil.

"Inferno" is my favorite track, just because of the sheer speed and momentum the song maintains. The constant shout of INFERNO makes me think this could've been an athem track when played live. The album closes with "Thorns" and it's hard to deny it's black metal influence, even if that wasn't their intent. This sudden shift in tone make it the perfect track to close with. It has kind of a slow groove that picks up a little, but rest assured, the blast beats pick up around the two minute mark.

This is a great album. My only complaint is what I consider an overusage of slowing drum beats in the middle of songs. But overall, I would recommend this to any death metal fan.