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Well, this is better... - 88%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, June 7th, 2009

Blood Rapture represents the forth death metal output for Vomitory. As we all know, if you are searching for a band which can always give you the right dose of heaviness and brutality, Vomitory can do no wrong. Since the very first album, their style was coherent in terms of death metal and they never searched for innovations because the only thing they wanna do is to play death metal, plain and simple. The influences may come from different parts of the world but the formula is the same and this formula so far has reached the highest levels with the first two efforts by this band.

Blood Rapture comes after a good but not astonishing Revelation Nausea that suffered a bit the lack of fantasy in terms of songwriting. Where the blasting Redemption succeeded in combine the brutality with a good and solid songwriting, Revelation Nausea failed a bit. However, with this new effort, this relentless band tried to save the situation a bit and I think they did a great work here. Since the opener, “Chaos Fury”, the band does great things for the clash of the various tempo sections and the riffage that, once again, is more various and sometimes it gives a bit of melody in order to create a dark atmosphere. The following “Hollow Retribution” features a massive use of blast beats even if the crust/grind riffs are well supported by the classic up tempo.

With “Blessed and Forsaken” we reach again great levels because the structure is more various and the galloping riffs are just amazing, as the open chords ones. The growl on this album is stronger and louder, filling the air with gore and violence. The intensity goes on superb levels because the band hits strong and even with a more “mid-paced” track like “Madness Prevails” we cannot rest and the great lead lines are there to give the right gloomy drops. With “Redeemed in Flames” we enter into the most violent grind/death territory if we consider the first part because, going on, the riffs slow down and the drums follow to create a black monolith with the addition of the classic, dark lead lines.

“Nailed, Quartered, Consumed” marks again the return of the most impulsive soul of the band and with the short length it’s not boring at all but, instead, it’s perfect to leave you stunned. With “Eternity Appears” maybe we reach the zenith point of this album because the band is truly inspired in creating a really dark/epic progression that differs a bit from the rest just because of the strong use of the double bass and thanks to that lead notes everything results incredibly catchy too. “Rotting Hill” is a return to speed but the riffs are always good and not like on the previous album, in which, at times, they resulted a bit insipid in their one way brutality.

The final “Blood Rapture” is a slow, grooving and putrid death metal march. The tempo is slow and the crunchy riffs create a scenario of gore and apocalypse. By the middle, this song explodes on speed and so it goes till the end of this very good return by Vomitory. I’d rather recommend this album instead of its precursor but for those who search for speed and brutality, every single release by this band is to recommend. However, on this album we noticed a quite strong improvement as far as the structures are concerned. A very good death metal album.